cogwheel respiration

respiration saccadée

English-French medical dictionary. 2015.

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  • cogwheel respiration — breathing characterized by peculiar jerky inhalations; the sounds of inhalation and exhalation are not continuous but are split into two or more separate sounds. Called also interrupted or jerky r …   Medical dictionary

  • cogwheel — noun a) A gear wheel b) (When used attributively) Something behaving in similar, jerky, manner as a cogwheel, e.g. cogwheel respiration as a side effect of hyperbaric medicine Syn: gear wheel, cog, gear …   Wiktionary

  • Respiration — is the act of inhaling and exhaling air in order to exchange oxygen for carbon dioxide. * * * 1. A fundamental process of life, characteristic of both plants and animals, in which oxygen is used to oxidize organic fuel molecules, providing a… …   Medical dictionary

  • interrupted respiration — jerky respiration cogwheel r …   Medical dictionary

  • nervous system disease — Introduction       any of the diseases or disorders that affect the functioning of the human nervous system (nervous system, human). Everything that humans sense, consider, and effect and all the unlearned reflexes of the body depend on the… …   Universalium

  • phenomenon — 1. A symptom; an occurrence of any sort, whether ordinary or extraordinary, in relation to a disease. 2. Any unusual fact or occurrence. [G. phainomenon, fr. phaino, to cause to appear] adhesion p. a p. manifested by the adherence of antigen… …   Medical dictionary

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